Using the latest technology to create data that informs and delivers above our clients expectations

Our aim is to be at the leading edge of survey & inspection solutions, delivering industry leading 2D & 3D data to our clients.


From basic 2D through to LOD400 BIM models

Our measured building surveys are produced from laser scan data to ensure accuracy and the highest quality outputs


2D & 3D topographical surveys identifying all site features

Our measured land surveys can be provided in both 2D & 3D formats to ensure your base plan is accurate and complete

Drone Inspection

Using drones on buildings, infrastructure & heritage

With a wide range of experience delivering projects on the UK’s critical infrastructure through to working on the UK’s most important buildings, we deliver a solution that works.

Ecclesiastical Sector

Across the UK we deliver projects to the church sector

Our team have delivered multiple projects on cathedrals  and churches, including photogrammetry models, measured building surveys and more recently BIM services.

Digital Twins

From individual assets through to city models

Our expertise in providing not only digital twin models, but integrating technical solutions and data into these models has put us as the go to solution for rolling out your digital twin roadmap.


Photogrammetry Services

From a small asset within a museum collection to the biggest buildings in the country and city wide models, our team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest quality photogrammetric models 

Photogrammetry Sample Video

Cathedral – what level of detail can be achieved across a full cathedral structure.

Photogrammetry Sample Video

Brick Building – what level of detail can be achieved of a masonry building.

BIM Base models

Detailed models for the infrastructure sector

Our team works across the infrastructure sector providing both BIM & digital twin models, what’s the difference ?


Detailed models for the heritage sector

The heritage sector is really taking advantage of both BIM modelling and digital twins to really enhance projects and save money!

Digital Twins

Large scale digital twins & city models

Our town and city scale digital twin and smart city models are being rolled out by multiple users inc: local authorities and planning consultants.

Drone Inspection

Services for the energy sectors

Working closely with our partners in the energy sector our solutions span, transmission, wind, solar and nuclear.

Property inspection

Services to the property & commercial sectors

Providing a wide range of inspection and data gathering services for buildings and structures across the sector.

Drones & Heritage

Services to the heritage & conservation sectors

We have provided drone services and associated deliverables on some of the UK’s most important and outstanding buildings, our solutions and experience make us a safe bet to deliver the data you need.

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