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Rare ‘time capsule’ cobalt mine abandoned over 200 years ago is discovered in Cheshire

The team from Christians working closely with the National Trust and carried out a number of survey and digital documentation services to produce accurate and detailed survey deliverables of the mine shafts, this included laser scanning, photogrammetry and ROV data collection.

You can also watch our team in action on BBC’s Digging for Britain Series 10 Episode 2.

Click the below link to find out how we recorded the mine and what deliverables have been produced.  Find Out More…

Click the link to read the press release and find out more about the Cobalt Mines on The National Trust website  Find Out More…

– Revit Models & BIM –

Often referred to as Scan 2 BIM, we prefer to call this service Scan 2 Revit, Our team works closely with you from first contact to ensure you get the level of detail required across your model. Data & information will be added if further BIM implementation is required.

– Photogrammetry Solutions –

Our 3D photogrammetry models set the standard for detail across the sector, they can be delivered in varying levels of detail up to and including our industry leading inspection grade models. Not just buildings but also assets and artefacts as well.

– Digital Twin Solutions –

Our digital twin surveys and base models set the standard for detail and accessibility, combined with our in house hosting solution are models aren’t just pretty but also include asset data as well as links to real-time sensors and site information.

What detail do i need on my 2D plans?

A big question that clients ask when commissioning elevation surveys and drawings

Defining the detail you need to complete your project at tender stage makes all the difference, the image adjacent shows some of the differences in the level of detail that can be delivered. We are always happy to talk through this with our clients, share samples and also show you via an online meeting if necessary.

Featured Service

Arboricultural Consultancy for planning purposes and applications.

Also known as a BS:5837 survey & report

Our in house arboricultural consultants work in tandem with our land survey team to provide clients a full constraints plan to inform your design from an early stage reducing the need for costly changes.