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Drone Survey & Inspection Services
Carrying out high resolution inspections of theme park assets

Sensor, sensor, sensor

Remember a drone is simply a way to get a sensor into position to capture the data.

The quality of the image is the most important part of the drone survey and the higher the quality the more likely a correct assessment of the structure will be made.

We have a wide selection of drones fitted with the highest quality sensors (DSLR cameras).

Our options include; 46mp, 61mp & 100mp camera systems enabling us to provide you with the highest quality data.

Drone Inspection of Infrastructure assets

Our team of drone pilots have some of the highest levels of experience in the UK at carrying out critical survey & inspection services with special reduced permissions granted from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This enables us to operate in areas many others cant allowing us to meet your needs when others may have told you its not possible. 

Christians has extensive experience of working on and near to some of the UK’s most complex structures and infrastructure.

We have designed and carried out inspection regimes for the likes of National Grid, Arup & Merlin Entertainment. 

Carrying out detailed steel work inspections for National Grid
High resolution aerial inspection of a heritage asset

Why use Christians

“Investing in the latest technology, sensors and training to exceed the levels of detail our clients expect”

Christian Jackson, CEO

Specialist services to the heritage sector

Specialist drone services to the heritage sector

Heritage &
Historic Buildings & Structures

Christians have a vast experience operating within close proximity to some of the UK’s most important heritage assets

Our Experience in the heritage sector

We work with a wide variety of heritage clients working on some of the UK’s most outstanding buildings and assets providing detailed inspection and digital documentation services.

Further to this many clients prefer to upgrade inspections to a 3D inspection grade photogrammetry model.

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The highest detail
in a useable format

Capturing the data is only the beginning, processing this data into a deliverable that our clients can use is the key to a great project.

Internal & Dangerous Places

Removing the danger and
inspecting those impossible places

Aerial & robotic Platforms for
dangerous environments

Providing detail asset data for condition surveys in a wide range of industrial, commercial buildings as well as derelict buildings.

A solution for every situation

We don’t just rely on off the shelf solutions to meet our clients challenges, often our clients require a specific deliverable or data captured by a certain sensor.

We have the in-house expertise to build custom  robotic system to meet your project needs

We have worked with a vast range of sites including; Chemical and refinery locations, derelict buildings, bridges & infrastructure and underground locations.

Discuss your project with us now

A drone survey can differ significantly based on your need and resolution requirements. We offer a no obligation quote and are happy to discuss your project, the deliverable possibilities and we can even produce tender documentation.

Or call us directly +44 (0)1254 790810