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Measured Building Surveys

2D floor plans, elevations, cross sections, reflected ceiling plans and roof plans.

3D models provided in a wide range of formats including Revit, Microstation and IFC formats.

Our measured building survey team is supported by our in-house Cad & Revit team.

What is a measured survey and why do i need it ?

A measured survey consists of a onsite survey of the building, this is then processed into Cad plan drawings with annotations showing detail and measurements. 

Increasingly clients are requesting 3D measured surveys and details of this can be found in our 3D & BIM pages.

You get more from Christians

As we use the latest technology to capture your site in 3D, we can also deliver to you other advanced survey information if requested, this includes 360 imagery of the site and access to the point cloud through our online portal.

Contact us to discuss this further and how it can enhance your project!

The Survey

Every good measured building survey begins with the survey, our site team has the experience to work on private residences through to large security conscious buildings requiring security vetting and clearance.

Floorplans & Cross Sections

The backbone of any architectural refurbishment or extension project, floorplans & cross sections provide all the detail you require to form the basis of any design work. Floor plans are also often used for facilities management.

Building Elevations

We work with our clients to determine the correct level of detail and this can be from basic drawings that includes major features through to deliverables that include all ornate features and defects.

Specialist Measured Surveys

Our specialist surveys include Area Measurement / Area Reference, Monitoring, Floor Flatness Assessment, Dilapidation Documentation & Digital Recording

Complete 3D BIM Models

Our team has vast experience of providing the most detailed BIM ready 3D models. From Residential Projects to Heritage Buildings, University Campuses, Commercial Buildings, Nuclear Facilities and Substations, we can provide the solution.

Mass Area 3D Models

Our clients request mass area models for multiple models including, master planning, asset management, daylight & shadow analysis and visualisation. Models can be delivered in multiple formats and levels of detail.