Geospatial Monitoring

Movement & deformation monitoring of buildings
and structures

Using both onsite manual observations and remote monitoring solutions our team can provide both localised or 24hr solutions with direct access to data at the click of a button.

Our solutions and data are used for multiple purposes including providing early warning of movement or deformation and providing a baseline of data to inform management or design solutions.

Our Customers

Monitoring Options

A range of technology for different applications

At Christians we aren’t limited to a single option to collect monitoring data, each project is fully assessed and a range of options will be provided.

Total Station & Prism

Our most popular monitoring solution user total stations & prisms to take repeatable readings, this can be done remotely or by our monitoring technicians at set times.

Remote Monitoring Using Sensors

Clients are taking advantage of our sensor nodes which are installed onsite delivering data to our portal on a near realtime basis, nodes include tilt and crack sensors.

Online Monitoring Data Portal

All monitoring data is published though our online portal allowing clients to view the data in multiple formats, alarms and notifications can be setup and changed.

Visual Monitoring

Integrating visual systems into the monitoring program allows further options for offsite checking of data, especially useful for confirming the validity of notifications and alarms. 

A monitoring solution for every challenge


Buildings & Structures

Dams & Mining

Hazards & Emergency

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Visit a live site

Thanks to Trimble we can link you to a live monitoring site which gives a brief view of some data options.

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