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Level Of Detail

Choosing the correct Level Of Detail (LOD) is critical to project success and our team will walk you through the possibilities and what each LOD consists of!

Plant Room

MEP & plant rooms are often important to remodelling & refurbishment projects, we can include utilities, MEP & other information like sockets and cables within the model.

Internal Models

Internal information and modelling can include structural and architectural detail as well as smaller details like surface imperfections, cornices, door types and sockets.

Topographical & Environments

We include surrounding topographical information created from point cloud data, this can include street furniture, surface types, vegetation & both above & underground utilities. 

Revit Models, Scan2BIM & Revit Outsourcing

Providing our clients with the highest detailed models.
Being open and honest, Many companies outsource revit modelling services abroad, we are proud to say all our models are produced in-house by our team, this is quite a commitment and many say we are stupid as we could make much larger margins by using outsourcing. However, delivering quality, data security & cyber security to our clients is our upmost concern.

Choosing a 3D deliverable over 2D offers our clients significant advantages for both project inception, refurbishment and design. It gives a full overview of the building or structure for all stakeholders and can include detail like mechanical, electrical & plant as well as small architectural features and building defects. 

The first part of any survey and production of a 3D model is to define the correct level of detail that you require for your project, we will supply you with a checklist where you can define exactly what you need and to what extent it needs modelling. We also encourage you to get in contact to discuss your project and what you are trying to achieve, we will offer free advice and can go through samples to ensure your project gets off to the correct start. 

Museum Revit Model LOD400

Interior Revit Model LOD300

MEP Revit Model Detail

Interior Revit Model of Museum

Heritage Revit Model LOD400

Samples of Levels of detail

Level of detail – LOD 100

Level of detail – LOD 300

Level of detail – LOD 200

Level of detail – LOD 400